Got my MSI GTX 1060 Video card!

After a LOT of hunting, I finally got my own MSI GTX 1060! The 6GT OC to be exact. I spent 2 weeks calling and checking on different stores. If there is ANYTHING I learned is that you NEVER buy from a online store that doesn’t update their stocks. If you can personally GO to their store, do that.

PC setup

8gb Hyper X ram
120gb Intel SSD
300gb WD Blue and 1tb WD Black

My previous card was a Sapphire r7 250 1gb with boost. YES, the MSI GTX 1060 6gb is a pretty big leap. Needed to buy a new GPU because the Sapphire kicked the bucket a couple of months ago. My old card was having heat problems near the end of its life. It only lasted 2 years and 2 months. I was hitting some scary heat numbers like 90C-100C if I did not cap games to 30fps. Games I was playing was Warframe and The Secret World.

Sapphire r7 250 and MSI GTX 1060

Sapphire r7 250 and MSI GTX 1060 6GT

Size-wise, the new card is HUGE compared to the Sapphire. I had trouble getting it in my pc. I am not sure how the newer cases are because I got this one around 7 years ago. Case is probably the oldest piece of my setup.

MSI GTX 1060 inside

Fixed some drives to make it fit. Made sure no wires were anywhere close to any fans. The size is huge but apparently the Gaming X version is longer. MSI’s Gaming X and Palit’s Super Jetstream were the other 2 kinds I was considering.  Did not end up with Gaming X because it was too long (and apparently no stock also). Super Jestream was thicker so I was advised against it.

I did think of getting the MSI Gaming X RX 480 but removed it from the list because of the price.

MSI GTX 1060 6GT OC ended up costing around 14,900php (308usd). I got it from Comp-Link. I saw it between MSI Armor boxes while I was checking the Super Jetstream. The price is around 500php more than the first store but the convenience is definitely worth it.

Now I am off to play games. I got both Warframe and The Secret World MAXXED. They feel like a whole new games because of the custom shaders I installed.


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