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Warframe: A Year of Being a Space Ninja

First saw Warframe when I was looking for another MMORPG to play. I had been playing The Secret World for 4 years when I decided to try another game.

Warframe got my attention because it looked like Destiny. To my surprise it is FREE TO PLAY! I thought it would be a pay to play game when I first saw it.

My PC Specs:
H81M-VG4, i5-4460, MSI GTX 1060 OC, 8gb ram, 128gb Intel SSD
I play via Steam.

This is my 12 month experience so far:


I do notice that in certain places, my previous GPU (r7 250 with boost) temp spiked to scary levels though. I went to 30fps to keep it down. My GPU card died several months ago so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to play.

In the Warframe subreddit, someone mentioned that you can run the game on a potato, so I tried using the integrated graphics processor. LO AND BEHOLD, it does work! I just have to turn every effect off though.

I have since bought a new shiny card. I made a post about it if you are interested.  I now play the game in ALL MAXED SETTINGS. GLORIOUS! BEAUTIFUL!  I have also added custom shaders.

I’ve made this small slideshow to compare the screens of the different settings I had. Click the image to see which card or setting I was using.

  • Warframe igpu


One of the things I love, is that you can get ALL equipment by playing. You only need to pay if you want the item NOW.

On squads and multiplayer. I think you should be warned that the host is one of the players in your squad. I have really bad internet so I avoid having to host at all costs. Normal ping for me is around 300ms. Below 200ms is rare but can happen.


This is the most common mode. You go around doing missions on your space ninja. Killing or sneaking past enemies. Gameplay changes a lot depending on who you play. The warframe I prefer is Ember but she is pretty fragile when you get to the higher levels. Some Warframes have a much different play style. I must admit Limbo has this cool banishing skills I just cannot use effectively. Titania with her fly mode!

Warframe razorwing

This mode a lot of different mission types. It may seen hard in the beginning but you get used to each after a while. Some may even start to feel too tedious.


warframe archwing

Archwing doesn’t seem to be a very liked mode. One of the reasons is because of the movement. I have read that some people get a nauseous when they play this mode because of the movement. I actually enjoy this mode. It reminded me a little bit of Zone of Enders but clunkier. I love Amesha and Itzal. Amesha for support and Itzal for solo playing. Elytron for nuke!


Warframe second dream

This is a MMO so don’t expect much of a story or continuity. I often see new players not knowing what to do after finishing the first quests. It just ends with no other mission in sight. The biggest story update was from last year. The Second Dream was definitely a nice change. Not spoiling anything! I thought I was playing a different game when I did that. I might also have cried a bit. (Don’t judge!)

The War Within is the next awaited story update. Hope the release happens smoothly because it has been delayed a bunch of times now.

State of the game

There were huge changes of Starchart (rip Draco?) , Void and also the balancing of different Warframes. So if you start playing this game, still expect a lot of changes and additions in the system. Newest one was the Ayatan Treasures. You hunt down the sculptures or stars. You can exchange them for Endo. You can put stars on the sculptures to increase their value.

Fluffs or skins are constantly being added. I am quite excited about the Frost Deluxe skin because it just looks awesome. FashionFrame is endgame!

Here is a picture in case you missed it last dev stream.

Warframe frost deluxe

Tennogen skins are the special items. These skins are cool because they are player made skins.

The glowing of this helm made me buy it, I swear!

warframe zastruga

If you noticed, I did not mention pvp at all. I don’t play it that much. I tried but Conclave was never really my thing. I even tried Lunaro because it seemed different.

There is also bugs. Quite a few bugs all over the game. Enemies not coming out or getting stuck in uneven areas. Containers in other geometry. Falling through the level.

warframe bug

I am not bored of the game yet. Recently was able to join a raid school bus because of some kind vets. Still need to do it a couple of more times to get the hang of it. Itching to try JV since my Archwing equipment ain’t shabby.

Here is to another year of being a space ninja!

Thanks for the awesome game, Digital Extremes!
(but please.. no more “Yup, surprise.”)



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