168 Mall Wrapping Paper Book Hunt!

Couple of months ago, I went hunting for the wrapping paperbooks at 168 shopping mall. I had a strong feeling I could find cheap ones there. In hindsight, I should have haggled some more.

Took me a while to search until I remembered where I used to buy craft items and cute notebooks.

WHERE in 168 mall? FIRST FLOOR! Right next to the street even.
For some reason I didn’t think it would be there.

The price? They gave me ANY for 100php each. Regardless of paper type or pages. ALL of them do NOT have gift tags. Widths here are the folded lengths.

168 Wrapping Paper Book Loot

Here are my hauls (Click on the images for info):

  1. Wrapping Paperbook 225cm x 304cm 8 designs 16 glossy pages


  2. Wrapping Paperbook 225cm x 304cm 12 designs 24 pages
    Paper isn’t exactly like normal paper but not as glossy as the first.


  3. Wrapping Paperbook 225cm x 450cm 12 designs 24 pages
    Same paper type as the 2nd.


  4. Wrapping Paperbook 225cm x 304cm 16 designs 16 glossy pages
    Front says 32 pages but I think that is including the folded side.


Other Printed PAPER Pads

Other stuff I bought:

Flower Packaging Paper 200mm x 200mm 12 designs 24 paper pages
I think I got this for 80php.


Creative Scrapbooking Paper Pack 304mm x 304mm 12 designs 24 pages.
3 assorted frame and letter die cuts. Some of the paper have asymmetrical designs and nice gold designs also. I think I got this for 175php.
The store where this is from did NOT allow haggling.


Wish I can go back there again with more budget! The first floor stores was where I bought 3 for 100php paper tapes.

As a parting tip.. always TRY to haggle there!

This isn’t my first printed paper hunting post. If you are interested in more related posts check my paper related entries.


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