Summer Komikon 2017: All your local komik needs!

I was finally to catch Komikon again! Been a few years since and there many familiar and new faces. Summer Komikon 2017 was in the Bayanihan Center in Pasig. I remember Komikon used to be at UP Diliman. So happy they decided to move to a closer venue!

This year, I promised to only buy local comics. My usual fair is Trese by Budgette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, unfortunately I found out that they weren’t present. I do my usual rounds looking for sequels, prequels, or anything that caught my eye. Summer Komikon 2017 had a pretty small number of indie stalls hidden near the bathroom too! I heard that the end of the year Komikon usually has more indie stalls. Can’t wait for that!

Summer Komikon 2017 loot!

Summer Komikon 2017 Mervin Malonzo Adam David

Mga Bayaning Third World: Mula 1521 Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Mundo!

by Mervin Malonzo and Adam David

This was a pleasant surprise. I knew of Mervin Malonzo because of the Tabi Po comic series he made. I love the dark and Philippine setting along with creatures of local folktales. (You can check out the comic HERE. The comic there is in Filipino only. I am not sure if there is a English version).

There are 21 cards in the pack. I got these three at first and had them signed. I came back later on to buy the whole set. It came in a box with that awesome illustration of a aswang. Each card has a story as well. I am thinking these will be different comics in the future.

The three cards I initially chose reminded me so much of Sandman and Books of Magic so I chose them first.

Summer Komikon 2017 stickers

Cat and Dog Stickers

I am really sorry, but I don’t recall the name of the stall I got these. I found these cute and bought three. These look inkjet printed. The Shiba Inu had patches slightly off color.


Summer Komikon 2017 yellow couch junk

Junk Volume Two

by: Yellow Couch

This is a small collection of themed works by different artists. To me, this is like a mini-artbook! The theme for this one is medieval fantasy. I looked inside and really liked a number of them so it was a instant buy.

Here are some pictures of the works inside:


Summer Komikon 2017 David Hontiveros Rafael Gumboc Imak


by: David Hontiveros and Rafael Gumboc

Happy to see 1.2 out! I have a copy of the first and found it interesting. Although I recall that the artist for the first comic was Ian Sta. Maria. The art is similar though and still good. This issue is less action packed than the previous but gives you a glimpse of Kadasig and his past.

Random Thoughts

by: Imak

I love sketches and dark themes so it caught my eyes really quickly. I think one of the sketches was Cell from Dragon Ball Z.

Screenshots of the inside of each book:


Mono Kuro

by: Cy Vendivil

I found the cover really cute! Both comics I got had no dialogue. Love the looks of the characters too. The first is about the sword wielding rabbit, Momiji and the sheep Fuku going through a dangerous forest. The second introduces Yen and Maru, who Momiji meets while hunting for something in the forest.

There are some scenes that can get a little confusing because of the black and white but still interesting once you can get yourself back on track. The descriptions of the characters in the end helped a bit. I’ll look for the next comics at the Indieket!

This is a picture of The Broken Bridge:


by: Tori Tadiar

Lovely art! I’d really want a next issue. The plot reminds me a bit of a manga but I’d like to see how the creator plays it out. I’d also wish there was a colored version. I think it would look really awesome colored.

This is a picture of the inside:

The Nivene Assumption

by: Nib Santos

Interesting but I feel like it is too short for me to say if I like it or not. I do love animals though! The animals definitely know something the lead character doesn’t.

This is a picture of the inside:

If you see anything you like, you will find links to the creator’s names. You can contact them through those. You can also try and catch the next Komikon 2017 on Nov 11-12. Indieket will be on Aug 5th!

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