Ordered a Hoodie from Society6!

I’ve had a Society6 page for several years. Me and a friend had an idea to make it. We never really got around to manage or create anything in that site so I decided to try it out again. I kept our account but I asked my friend if it was ok that I look back in it.

What is Society6?

Society6 is a website that lets you upload your designs and gives you a different number of products your design could be printed on. Depending on your image size, you can go as small as a pouch, to as large as a canvas print. You get a commission for every purchase. I will just talk about ordering, shipping, and receiving processes of a hoodie for now.


society6 hoodie design edit interface
Sample of how the site lets you place you graphic on the hoodie. Note that the first 2 hoodies on the bottom have the zipper visible,

I made a design via Photoshop and uploaded it to my store in Society6. I made sure the image was the right size to qualify printing on a hoodie.

After uploading, you can choose the colors of the hoodie that you want to put your design on. The interface also allows you to change the size and location of the graphic on the hoodie. Society6 only allows you to print on a certain part of the hoodie so you have to be careful not to get parts of your graphic cut out. The site generates images of how the hoodie will look like with the design.

society6 hoodie
Generated image of the hoodie

For the hoodies, there is the pullover and zipper kinds. For zipper types, there is one where the zipper is white and another that it is the same color as the hoodie. You can also have the design printed on the front or on the back. Can’t do both sides though.

Ordering and Shipping

I got this hoodie as a gift for my friend. There is an option in ordering that lets you say that it is a gift. You can even send a message along with the package.

I was also able to avail of free shipping. This is a huge deal since I and the person I plan to send to live outside of the US. Free shipping removed more than 10usd from the order.  The hoodie itself was 24usd.

Being too excited about having something I designed on a hoodie, I made a error in the address of the recipient. I was able to contact Society6’s customer support to have it changed. Luckily, support answered quickly and fixed my blunder.

The package got to my friend in 15 days. You can track the order through the Society6 site or if you want more detailed info, there is a link that will lead you to the DHL tracking site.

the hoodie

society6 hoodie
My friend wearing the new hoodie from society6!

According to my friend, the hoodie was of good material and pretty nice fit. His only reaction was that the sleeves could use a little more length. To think I was planning to get the size that was just right. Luckily, I asked my mother about it (She is a pretty skilled seamstress.) and she also told me to get a size larger. I think the next size would have been much to big.

Hoodie has the American Apparel – California Fleece tag inside.

My friend also got a 5usd off coupon with the package. The coupon expires in a month. I am not sure when the month starts so I assumed it was when I placed the order.

Society6 Promos

I was able to catch a free shipping promo. I’ve also seen a free shipping with 20% off promo happen every so often. Nice to check in every so often for the different promos available. If you live outside of the US, the free shipping is pretty sweet.

If you want to check out my Society6 store, you can find it HERE.

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