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Patterned Papers Haul

You can never have enough patterned paper. So when I end up in the paper section of stores, I always love to look at papers with interesting patterns that I can use in a future craft project.  Some of these may not be very cheap but they do have really nice designs.

peddy Origami paper

These patterned papers are nice and comes in a pack of 20 sheets at 59.00php. 5 of each design and double sided! The papers are 15cm x 15cm and 80gsm. I got these at National Bookstore. Problem is that the stock is a come and go thing so you may need to look in more than one branch.

One thing nice about this is that one side is a solid color that matches the patterns on the other side. Really nice for interesting origami. It also comes with the instructions on how to make the origami on the front. I only saw 6 different packs in National Bookstore, but according to the Peddy catalogue then have 11 all in all.

chiyogami (Japanese Patterned paper)

These were a nice little find in Daiso. The pack is only 14 sheets and 7 lovely flowery designs. These are quite thin and only one sided. Like the previous entry, these are 15cm x 15cm in size. They cost 88php a pack though so a little pricey.

The gold and silver outline does in fact look like shiny ink\paint. Nice to add to craft projects. A little google showed me that these can be used to make paper dolls (Like this one made by username “katakara”). Decoupage also comes to mind but I have never tried that yet. All the patterns in this pack are not symmetrical so if you think of making this into origami, take the placement of the designs into consideration.

I was really excited about this because I have never seen any store here selling papers with this design. Buying online is a tad expensive since they are usually big batches and the shipping fee would be crazy.

peddy design paper Stack

I found another pack of Peddy patterned paper. Paper is 120gsm and 15.2cm x 15.2cm so slightly bigger than the origami pack. It costs around 130php. This pack has a 10 lovely patterns but the opposite side is plain white. Thicker than the origami version and comes in a pack of 50 pieces (5 pieces of each design). In the Peddy catalogue, there is 10 different packs for this but only one was in National Bookstore.

The one is a thicker and larger version of the previous design paper pack. Size is 20.3cm x 20.3cm 180gsm and each pack is 24 pieces for 250php. The pack says 6 designs but they are double sided so there are some different designs on opposite side. The thickness makes it hard to fold into origami. This one has 11 different packs but I only saw 2 in National Bookstore.

More info on Peddy:

I tried to find a way to buy paper from Peddy because of the very unreliable stock at National Bookstore. Found out that Peddy is from a company called Artson that is based in China. I couldn’t get much info on how to buy the pack because the Artson site was a little wonky on my side. Tried to search Amazon, Lazada, and Ali but no luck so far.

If you are interested in looking at their catalog for 2016-2017, the link to it is here. Catalog is in English. If you read or write Chinese, you might have more luck finding a place that sells this.

Origami paper

I found this one is a very odd place. Some stalls of Aquazorb sell these patterned paper for origami. These are 12.5cm x 12.5cm and double sided with one side a solid color. My rough estimate of thickness is probably around 80gsm. I got these from Aquazorb in Estancia Mall but they did have a stall at the St. James Bazaar in 2016. A pack of 30pcs is 100php when I bought it as Estancia but it was 60php during the St. James Bazaar.

The pack comes with 2 different origami instructions as well as a sample of one of them. I am not sure if it was intentional but the color of some pieces may be slightly different from others. The solid color part has “noted” written on one side which is a little annoying. There was other patterns but I didn’t really find them appealing.

That has been all the different patterned paper I have found since January! I am honestly still thinking of things to use my collection in. I just got Mod Podge and can’t wait to try something with it!

PS. I need to double check the prices on the PEDDY design packs. The tags on mine were a little smudged.

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