It has been a couple of weeks since I posted and for that I am really sorry! I have some drafts in the works for posts soon. Hopefully can post them by Thursday.

Been occupied by certain life things. One of which is sending an application as a volunteer to help out exchange students in another country. A little confusing because there was no age requirement listed anywhere but I’ll still send my stuff. They want someone with minor website and graphic design background and honestly that got me excited. I was an exchange student sometime back and I can honestly say that the volunteers who helped out were awesome. Exchange is pretty close to a real life adventure. New place, culture, faces and family. (Food. Also new food heh.)

The thought of learning a new language excites me. The thought of walking around a city with that heavy a history makes me a little giddy! Any map I get my hands on will be heavily used haha. I had a small map with writings on it on my exchange. I kept it in my bag at ALL times.

I know it is very soon to be excited but I can’t help it!

Oh and did I mention that I am going on a trip to Vietnam on April? I heard there was a lot of watercolor related material there if you knew where to look. I have had no luck with searching so far. Gonna need to ask a local.

Adventure, here I come!

EDIT: Aside from all of the above, I have to create this logo for something and I just got an email that a project I helped my brother with got into the 2nd round of a startup contest. Things are about to get a bit busy. (Takes deep calming breaths)

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