Landmark and Wrapping Paper Packs!

On the way home from work, I try to pass by The Landmark. That place is
my personal wrapping paper book heaven. If you haven’t seen it yet, I have another blog post about the other wrapping paper books I have found there. The main reason why I always end up buying there is that the price is much cheaper than National Bookstore or Invitation House.

The first one I will post is technically not a book. It looks like a book
because of how it is packaged but they are loose leaf and folded.
This one is called the Gift Paper Set Wrapping Paper Pack B – Type
this is 129.75php a pack at The Landmark. The pack contains 10 sheets
of 54cm x 76cm and a sticker label sheet with 23pcs of sticker. Like most
of the wrapping paper books, this one was made by Eno Greeting.


The other wrapping paper book I bought from The Landmark is from Lenwa. The cover of of the book is polka-dots with a simple “Book Wrapping Paper, Hand-made Paper, Wrapping Paper” on the front. I bought 2 different volumes of this one. Each book contains 32 folded wrapping paper sheets. Unfolded, each sheet is 30cm x 46cm. The designs seems to vary. Some have the same design but different colors while others are similar design but a different theme. Here are some of the pages from the volumes.

Green polka-dot volume:

Red polka-dot volume:

Last one I bought is the Vol. 1 of Natural European from Eno Greeting. I couldn’t find this one volume in The Landmark, so I got this from National Bookstore Alabang. The thing is, this costs 235php there while I bought Vol. 2 for 89.75php in The Landmark. I have no idea why the prices are so different. I won’t even talk about Invitation House. NONE of the three have gift tags either. Below is the image of the front and bag of the book. The back has the samples of the patterns inside.

Here is a image comparison of the front cover and the print inside.


I plan to pass by again today and look in. I will probably end up buying another haha. Also, I just got back from a trip to Vietnam. I’ll post some of the stuff I found while there!

Want to see my other paper finds? Check out my other posts.

Until next time!


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